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Roger Federer at the most prestigious Grand Slam. a fun barstool question: In what order would you rank the other three Grand Slam events?. The simple answer is too simple. I shall make this unnecessarily complicated. For a long time now, the order has been as follows: Now. The 4 tennis grand slams that you have to know about are the French Open, the Australian Open, the U.S. Open and—finally, last but not least—Wimbledon. Fraser, Neale Neale Fraser. However, of these four, only Wimbledon was a major before —25, the time when all four became designated Grand Slam tournaments. Roland Garros won out over the US Open for me because 1 more prestigeous history and 2 never changed its surface. Baghdatis got to the final in his first time at the top and Tsonga in Founded on February 1,St.

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In the increasing order of their popularity: Both are contested at the end of the year and are the last official competitions of the ATP and WTA seasons. Each woman's "first wins" in the four Majors are listed chronologically and their ages upon completion of the Slam are given in brackets. But IDK, I guess 'cause this tournament doesn't have as much history as the others. Bhupathi, Mahesh Mahesh Bhupathi.


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